Thursday, April 17, 2008

Here, Turkey Turkey Turkey!

Why you would want to sit motionless in the woods in the early hours of the morning, in 40 degree weather dressed in full camo with several other equally camoflaged guys WITH FIREARMS making squeaky noises with a spring-loaded box to lure extremely keen and cautious 20 lb birds out of their hiding places is BEYOND me. But, my husband is rather enjoying himself as I type doing just that.

This is the 2nd year in a row that he's done this and he's really hopeful that he'll score a turkey. He knows that the probability of that happening is pretty low though since turkeys are known for their sharp eyesight and ability to see about 270 degrees at one time (or something like that). I told him before he left that I didnt really want a turkey... am I a bad wife or what? But what am I going to do with a full bird? I have never made one for Thanksgiving and much prefer my turkey sliced from the deli counter of the grocery store. And something about the knowledge that my husband has plucked the thing himself just makes me want to gag. I guess I just like to be a little bit more removed from the whole butchering process. Dont get me wrong - I dont have a problem eating meat - its just that I dont want to have seen it alive. I'd rather just get it shrinkwrapped on the little styrofoam tray.

How do those farmer's wives do it?


Anonymous said...

Natalie has what--6 pair of camo pants. Put her on the blog and skip the turkey!

Pipsylou said...

This is the funniest thing you have ever written.

Beth said...

Wild turkey is some good eats though, Lauren! Matt's dad/bro hunt and I love when they get a turkey. :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like I'm the Big Turkey... they apparently outsmarted me all weekend until the rain came which chased me away. Oh well, maybe better luck next time. :(

Jamie said...

This was very funny. To be honest, I like the carring guns part but I'd never have the patience to sit around and wait and there's no way I'm going out in cold weather. Oh yeah, Lauren can testify to my love of HOT weather. As for cooking the bird, well I have no problem with eating it but if I cook it, most likely no one will want to eat it :)

Kevin, sorry to hear you didn't have luck, but remember you have two of the finest birds right at home. And you didn't even have to shoot them.