Friday, November 23, 2007


Last week we took our first plane ride with the kid in tow out to good ole Kansas City. She screamed all the way through the Baltimore airport and we were pretty concerned that it was going to be a L...O...N...G flight. Fortunately for us, all that screaming tuckered her right out and she was rather subdued the whole flight. We followed the advice about feeding her on the way up and on the way down so that her ears would pop. Whew... that might be our easiest flight with her ever!

During our stay out in Kansas, little Natalie got a cold. It was actually the first night out there. She's never been sick before, so I got rather beside myself and was calling our pediatrician and local pediatricians to see what they recommended. We decided to wait to take her in to the doctor and just give her saline drops to see if we could make her feel better. She did a lot of sleeping in her carseat, but all in all seemed to make out all right. In the course of her sickness, though, she managed to pass along her lovely symptoms to both Kevin and me. Kev got it worse than I did. Ah well what would the first official sickness be without it being a family affair? Now THAT'S one for the scrapbook (first booger!).

We had a terrific time in KC with all of the relatives. My grandparents (Mommo and Poppo) were there to see Natalie for the first time and my sister and uncle also made it. We ate a Thanksgiving meal and celebrated my grandmother and sister's birthday's. All in all it was a fabulous time and difficult to leave. I'm definitely wishing we were a little bit closer to my family right now. It would be nice if it were a bit more manageable driving distance (20+ hours is a bit much). We could just opt to get rid of all of the states in between... who needs Kentucky and West Virginia anyway???

Can't wait to see the fam again at Christmas.


Miriam said...

You made it!!! I'm glad the flight went so well! We haven't braved babies in flight yet - but it makes me nervous to even think about it! : ) We've got colds at our house too! Addison has had one for nearly a month!!! Glad you had such a good Thanksgiving!

MrsBurly said...

I am glad the trip went so well! And that you had a great Thanksgiving with your Missouri family...wahhh we miss you!! Hope to see you soon - maybe next year when our babes are all older;)
We can have a play date with the 4 girls, destined to be bff!!

Anonymous said...

I'm missing seeing new posts of Ms. Natalie;)