Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy 2 Months, Kid.

Well, it's crazy but I'm already feeling like we've lost a few opportunities with her. "What?!?!" you ask. She IS only 2 months old after all. Well the procrastinator that I am, I didnt get a foot print when she was just born for my scrapbook. Granted her little foot is still just that... little, but not as little as it was.

And then there's the feeling of holding her when she WAS just 5 lbs. Perhaps it was that I was just constantly tired when she was that size, but I'm having trouble remembering now and that makes me sad. Yes, she probably hasn't hit 10 lbs yet, but its different now. Good, mind you, but different.

I've found myself over the years wishing that we could take snapshots of moments (favorite vacations, extended hugs with loved ones, snuggling with a new baby) and put them in a box to be enjoyed later. This would be kind of like a picture album, but I would want to capture the feeling that all my senses are experiencing. Unfortunately I'm just not that good at remembering all of those things myself. It seems like memories become muted representations of what I was truly feeling during those special times. And I KNOW there have been times when I've thought "I want to remember this moment forever" and I can't remember where I was or why it was significant anymore.

If it weren't for the whole Big Brother thing, I think it would be interesting if life were kind of like that movie Final Cut. Now I'm not all that good at remembering whether movies have scandalous scenes in them so don't go watching it with your kids because I'm blogging about it. But the gist is that its the future and you can get a microchip planted in your kids brain if you're rich to record everything that they see. Then when they die some person takes the contents of the chip and makes a movie about them to be seen at there funeral. Ok, I'd like to see the movie before my funeral, but I think it would be a REALLY interesting concept. How many memories of mine have I altered in my head because I was affected a little negatively by someone or something? How many events have I forgotten? And how many memories have I simply made up? (Yeah, I didn't know that contrived memories existed until a few years ago.)

Anyway... this is getting long. I guess I just wish in some ways that I remembered more. I guess it makes me good at living in the moment, but I think there's a lot of benefit to remembering details about the past.

Well, what's a "Happy 2 Month" blog without a picture? Here's a two month picture in the bath. We were supposed to do pictures at Penneys that day but we rescheduled for her 3 month birthday. She LOVES the bath, by the way, and can be calmed instantly by half submerging her in the warm water in the sink. She wont be small enough to take baths in this sink much longer. I'm filing all the memories away about it that I can!

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Miriam said...

Love the picture - she looks positively subdued! : )