Thursday, November 1, 2007

Good Times

I know I probably should say anything as it will probably jinx us, but she slept 5.5 hours last night straight! Woot! My mom was in town the past few nights and I REALLY appreciated having someone get up one of the shifts at night (it has been averaging 2-3 times per night). But last night she only got up once. Could we be turning over a new leaf?

My mom and I had a good time together the past few days. We reminisced about me living at home and how we used to both enjoy being on the go. We're really very much alike in that respect. I was always interested in going with her to the grocery store or to the mall or wherever needed to go. So last night on the way to the airport we had a little time to kill so we hit up this big mall a few miles away. It was the plan to run in and find a few cold weather things for Natalie - as lots of the things she has that fit are short-sleeved. We ran in the mall and hit up Osh Kosh and the Children's Place outlets and then with an hour till her flight left hauled butt down the mall to the Auntie Annes for a pretzel and some lemonade. Then it was a mad dash back to the airport where she arrived only 40 minutes before her plane took off. In case any of you are wondering...YES I have missed a plane before. Two of them actually. One on a business trip. Ouch. Ah, but we made it. Ha! The queens of cutting it close and trying to cram TOO MUCH into too little time have done it again. It keeps things exciting.

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MrsBurly said...

Ahhh the Lauren I know & Love. So glad your Mom was in town with you a few days to help out with the little one. I will pray she has turned over a new leaf! 5.5 hrs you must feel like a rockstar;)