Friday, July 29, 2011

Birthday Musings...

Dear Liam,

Today you're 2. Its hard to believe you made your debut into our lives just 2 years ago. And what an empty world that was comparatively. I am awed by that everytime I walk in the door and you act like you just won the MegaMillions. I hope you never stop acting the fool when I'm around. It's kinda nice to have a fan club. I realize that it probably wont last, though, and you'll be lecturing me on how not to embarrass you in front of your friends in few short years. I guess that means I need to soak this up now.

You're so enthusiastic about the things you love: Mommy, food, Dora, Mommy, blocks, toys, slides, Ms. Jody, Mommy, snacks, music, Mommy. You notice a few repeats? Yeah, you REALLY like those things. =) And when you're talking about them you like you're leading a pep rally with a megaphone.


Unfortunately haven't taken quite the shine to Dad as you have to me. Let me tell ya, buddy, I know he's not me, but he's still a good guy. (Natalie and I think so!). Plus, he's the one thats going to be taking you hunting and fishing and teach you how to pee standing up. And you'll soon find out...I dont know a thing about any of that.

You are getting so big so fast, it seems. You can also almost count to 20 and can recognize a handful of letters. Just this week you started putting two words together. Light on, hi Natalie, fan off. And of course, "more snack". You're too cute.

You're dramatic to the core. I've ripped your little world apart with the announcement that, in fact, we would not be turning the TV on or that it, indeed, was not time to get out of bed. I have a feeling that this is going to be a part of who you are - a feeler. And the real question is, how could you come out of this family and not be a feeler? Should I be surprised? My prayer for you is that your learn not to put too much stock in your feelings as they can change so often. And also that despite your deep reactions to the world you remain an optimist.  I'm hopeful. =)

Tonight we celebrated your birthday with Grandma, Grandpa and Meme. I cooked a big meal - not much of it you ate. But that's okay, because you reveled in the fact that we fed you ice cream cake and juice at the end. You should really be thankful. Your sister got diabetic cookies for her 2nd birthday. So I guess you could say we've relaxed a little.

Buddy, your loud, kinda messy, and smelly at times, but you are a light in our family. A loud, smelly, messy and wonderfully cuddly light. One that loves to sing, dance, blow kisses, dress up in your sisters dress up stuff, play blocks and help us make breakfast by dumping Cheerios on the kitchen floor.

We love you through and through.  Don't grow up too fast.

- Your Mama

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Angie said...

Happy Birthday Little Man! I can't believe you are two already! You have forever changed your Mommy & Daddy's lives for the better! Hope to see you again soon!