Monday, April 12, 2010

Stream of Consciousness

Do you ever have a lot going on in your head but are unable to formulate the thoughts about what it all means so that you could actually put some words to it? That's what's going on with me lately. Lots and lots of random thoughts. Here's a tidbit from my stream of consciousness...

I envy those people who have an intelligent stream of consciousness all the time. They seem "with it". They'd be able to defend themselves in an argument on the spot or think of something witty to say at the perfect moment or talk intelligently about something that they know little about. I always wanted the quick comeback - especially on the playground in elementary school. I know some people who always seemed quick on the draw. I think they went on to become lawyers.

Yeah, I envy THOSE people.

Like radio announcers, for instance. They are able to talk about absolutely NOTHING and yet we are TRANSFIXED. We laugh along with them, we call into their shows. Strange... because what (if not a news program) are they talking about anyway?

I mean, have you ever listened to home-grown radio station - like on college radio? It's PAINFUL. And we find ourselves thinking who let THAT person on the radio? And the funny thing is that I think that most of us associate ourselves (in our mind) with the good radio announcers but probably would be tripping over our words and saying "UMMMM" a million times just like the college announcers.

Pat on the back to you if you're still with me. Formulating a cohesive point is like herding cats tonight.

Speaking of tonight...I almost got pulled over. On my way to church... ha!
Actually, the car in front of me did get pulled over. Its on a road that I always speed on too.

Note to self: "can't speed on way to church anymore".

I had JUST been frustrated at a car that was driving slowing in front of me not 5 minutes prior. I did say a little "thank you" prayer when I realized I was one person away from getting pulled over.

Snoring yet? This should wake you up:

Natalie's doing well with the whole potty thing - another blessing. Although she still poops her pants at "nap time" every day. This past weekend she pooped and then wanted me to put it in the toilet. I agreed thinking that this sort of visual association might get things rolling on the #2 front. Not really thinking about the whole physics involved I leaned over the toilet and dumped the contents of her diaper in. Suddenly, it was as if a tsunami erupted in the toilet and leaped out at me. We're talking toilet water in the eye, mouth and hair. Totally immobilizing.


On a positive note she did poop on the potty today before nap. Sorry, Liam... I'm not repeating this stunt with you even if you have to be in diapers until you're 5.

Liam said "Mama" for the first time on Sunday. He'd said it about 5 times in a row before I realized he was saying my name (I hear it about 5 billion times from Natalie). Poor kid...already getting the shaft because he's not the first born.

Other firsts for him this weekend: creamed spinach, cheerios, rotisserie chicken, cheese and crackers. It's a whole new culinary world out there for him. He get's excited about good food (the non-jarred kind) and wiggles his hands around and grunts a whole bunch. Hopefully he grows out of that before he get's to school or we're going to have some problems in the social department.

I love Craigslist. I've said this before... but I'm addicted to and love the hunt. Presently, I'm shopping for furniture to transform our dining room into a playroom. We're moving our dining room furniture into our eat-in kitchen and then I'm looking for a sideboard or something to fit all of our "fancy" dishes. Okay...we don't have fancy dishes. They're from Ikea and then we have a matched set of wine glasses from Walmart. But we keep them in a cabinet out of the kitchen so that at least we'll have a full set when we have guests over. Regardless, I've got my eye on some end tables and a sideboard right now to reclaim our living room for an adult space (once the toys are out of there). Kevin made the comment that he didn't know what we'd use the room for once the toys were gone and I said that I didn't really care. At least I'd have a space on the main floor that was devoid of toys. And if all I could do is sit in there and stare at the toyless floor, then that is what I'd do. Thankyouverymuch.

Have you ever realized that the things we value most in this world don't come easily? And sometimes you second guess whether they're worth it? But in the moment you realize just how "worth it" it truly is, that's what makes life worth living? Wouldn't it be nice if we could hold on to those moments and get rid of all the rest of the red tape? The crap. The stuff that keeps everything and everyone from working well together. Nice and vague I know.... kinda like my stream of consciousness. I guess it can be applied to anything you care about really.

Thanks for playing "what's going on in Lauren's head". Tune in next time for hopefully more defined thoughts and (hopefully) less toilet water in the face.


Tracy Page said...

I definately lol'd at the toilet water in the face. Sorry! :-)

Heather said...

now this was a great post! very entertaining and full good points! i love the idea of turning your dining room into a play room. have fun searching for fun stuff to fill it with!

Heidi said...

HA! I love you...just thought you should know.

We too are planning on turning our dining room into the play room. We currently have no furniture in there. Problem is, when we have guests over, we throw card tables up in there and can seat at least 12. Such is life...