Monday, March 1, 2010

Playing Together

As Liam has gotten a little bit more sturdy, the kids have been playing together more frequently. He truly ADORES Natalie and I often hear them giggling in unison. This morning I put him in her crib to see what would happen. Natalie is such a good big sister and was happy to show him her book. I have a feeling Liam will want to play dress-up with Natalie and push the baby doll around in a stroller here in a year or two.

Yesterday I just discovered that Liam is getting his first tooth! He's been such a trooper if he's been in pain. At least we have something blame the constant drooling on! He's had one haircut already and looks like he could already use another. Bizarre, as he's only 7 months old! As long as he doesn't start sprouting chest or back hair next month. =)

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