Friday, October 17, 2008

Getting So Big

Natalie is getting so big these days - it's hard to believe she was ever as little as the newborn pictures tell me she was. She's been walking for a little over a month now and it's almost as if she's been doing this forever. She can practically run now and is not content to be held. I'm flying to KC with her between Christmas and New Years and it should be one interesting flight!

Her official first word (or at least the one that she can't stop repeating) is "uh-oh". Kevin mentioned that it's the perfect first word for life. I mean - there are just SO many opportunities to say it! She's cute in that she says it at the right times and even to herself when she's playing and drops something.

I've just loved watching her develop. It's amazing to me that little ones pick up on things you may not have thought they'd get. Holding a phone up to her ear, holding a baby up to her ear and saying "awwww", leaning in for a hug. Such precious moments I hope I never forget!

Here are a couple pictures of her right after her nap yesterday. I think she might be ready to take the car around the block!

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