Monday, October 27, 2008


We've seen a lot of tears the past few days as Natalie gets the hang of maneuving objects in the way of her feet. Last Wednesday Natalie tripped over my purse before breakfast and did a head-dive into the closet door. This was not even 24 hours after I scheduled a photo shoot at Penneys for her. She had a nice goose-egg on the top of her head for a couple days and needless to say we did NOT get her picture taken at Penneys. I did get this one in the bath though.

Then, this weekend we were playing on the floor and Natalie was sitting on my stomach and bouncing up and down. Without warning she catapulted forward and her tooth had a close encounter with my forehead. We were both dazed on that one and I have a nice gouge in my forehead for cocktail party fodder.

And finally, in an effort to make sure she really did a bang-up job, yesterday she tripped over a toy in the living room and landed face first on the wood floor. Poor thing's mouth was gushing blood and her gums were all torn up.

Hopefully three is the magic number and we are done with the accidents for now!

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