Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Is it Thanksgiving already??   The leaves have pretty much fallen, the dreary weather has set in, Thanksgiving dinner is upon us and my waist is expanding at the thought of it. 

Seriously... I've gained 5 lbs since the half marathon and my self discipline (in all areas) is out the door!  Cookies?  I'll have 3.  Pecan pie bars?  I'll have one today, three tomorrow and then polish the last one off the next day.  Running?  I'm too tired.  Time with the Lord?  Ummm....

I keep making resolutions, but really life is a day to day, moment to moment roller coaster and I can't look much farther than that.  Hence the tardiness in blogging.  Meh.

I just got back from the library with two self help books on organizing my house and losing weight.  I'm trying not to get too "big picture" about either one of those things because then I tend to lose sight of the little victories along the way.

But what is this post about anyway?

Thankfulness... right.

I AM thankful.  Thankful for the little girl who is calling me to watch Veggietales in the next room.  Thankful for the little boy who has halted all desire to potty train and wakes up each morning at o dark thrity to tell me that his diaper is indeed poopy.  Thankful for the husband who encourages me when I'm moody about my lack of success in all of my many goals.  Thankful for a house to call our own.  Thankful for the pantries that are busting with food (that is probably going to be off limits next week).

I AM thankful.  And its in the quietness of that moment that I remember what life is really all about.

Now.... I can take a deep breath and enjoy the moment, with my 4 year old and some God-fearing veggies.

2011 Fall 
(you dont want to know how many we had to take to get anything remotely this good)

I AM thankful.

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