Friday, April 8, 2011

Cosmetology In Her Future?

Last week, Natalie cut Liam's hair. 

And I had just been thinking that we should let it grow a little.  /cry!

I was not home to witness the event, but Kevin swears it all happened in the span of 5 minutes as the kids played upstairs.  I guess my makeup bag was the draw as there was makeup littering the floor as and the tiny (very POINTY) eyebrow scissors were missing.  Thank GOODNESS there was no major harm in the making of this haircut.  And to her credit, she did try to do an even job!  Unfortunately the millimeter long hair on top and back of his head will just have to grow out to match the rest of his hair. 

She desperately wanted a haircut herself, so I just decided to get them both taken care of when we went in to get Liam's head fixed in case she got any more wild ideas!

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Derrick said...

Gotta love an inquisitive three year old!