Sunday, December 12, 2010

Preschool Update

Preschool has been such a blessing this year.  It always feels like a marathon when we're there.  Me chasing Liam, Natalie struggling to focus and general chaos as 5 women try to herd 7 preschoolers and 3 toddlers through a lesson plan.  I generally leave totally wiped out, mentally and physically and wonder what, if anything, Natalie learned that day.  However, it's been good for me as it's made me a better educator at home.  For instance, Natalie now recognizes the "W" in Walmart and the "M" in McDonalds.  (Classy, I know.)  In fact, she's recognizing more letters, memorizing Bible verses, making good friends and going on some great field trips.

Our last field trip we went on was to a dairy and ajoining ice cream shop.  We got to see all things cow and see how the ice cream was made.  Here are some highlights:

Lets just say that cows must not be able to smell, because they'd have keeled over from the stench!  Glad this room was well ventilated!

The ice cream they make doesn't get any fresher than this...

The entourage

Not sure what the cow was thinking here, but I like to imagine something like "man these kids smell!"
The preschoolers LOVED seeing the pigs.  The farmer tossed a pumpkin in the pen and it broke into pieces for the pigs to chow down on.
Ice cream at 10:30am... Sweet!

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