Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Black Friday

Well today was the first in a long series of Black Friday's where I didn't venture out to join the mass hysteria in the retail stores. Kind of a bummer, actually. It's always a lot of fun. There was just nothing I wanted that was on sale this year so I figured I'd stay at home and shuffle around the house in my slippers, just enjoying the time with the kids.

Kevin left this morning at o-dark-thirty to go hunting with some buddies. Let's hope he gets one soon. He's definitely got buck-fever.

Natalie and I decided to use up some super ripe bananas I've been holding onto in the fridge and make a double batch of banana bread loaves. Mmmm... We used this recipe (one I've never tried before) and amped up the spices a little like one reviewer suggested.

This afternoon we're off to a bouncy birthday party. It seems those are all the rage here now. There's several party places in town that are warehouses full of moon bounce equipment for kids to tire themselves out on. It should be fun - and I'm hoping that no nap + lots of bouncing = early bedtime. We'll see.

Liam hasn't discovered bouncing yet, but he should be successful at drooling his way through the party.


Taste it -you know you want to, at said...

Liam is adorable. He has a beautiful smile and looks like a miniature old man. People say that what you look like as a baby is close to what you will look like when you get old...

Lauren said...

Thanks! He is such a happy baby. =)

I HOPE I don't look like what I looked like as a baby when I'm old. I was bald!! =)