Saturday, August 1, 2009

Baby Liam comes home!

Well I've heard the natives are restless and wanting more pictures and video!

Yesterday Lauren and baby came home and spent the day recovering and relaxing.

We have a video here from when we were about to leave the hospital and Liam was in his new going-home outfit.

Lauren has settled right into her routine with the baby and is a like a pro returning to her sport. Its funny all of the things you forget about as the first kid grows out of certain stages. Kind of fun to have all of it come back to you with a new little one arriving in the house; all of the little things they do, how you had things set up before, and hearing all the little squeaky noises they make at this age, which you've all but forgotten about. Fun times!

Natalie is really bonding with her little brother. Just like with the kitty, she insists on holding the baby, and really seems to like him. (shew!)

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Angie said...

Such sweet pics of Natalie & her new brother! So happy it is going well so far ;) Enjoy your time with your fam!