Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Well the season is upon us! Hard to believe. But the presents are all wrapped and the baking is all done and we're just about to settle down to our Christmas dinner of smoked turkey, potato casserole, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, fresh-made rolls and a homemade apple pie. Ahh... tis the season to gain 5 lbs.... or more.

Kevin and I have just made a big purchase - we found an elliptical machine on craigslist (of course) that is going to help me lose the last 16 lbs of Natalie weight. This is all going to have to happen AFTER the New Year though, because I really have NO resolve at the moment - not with all of the yummy things to snack on. =0

Yesterday, December 23rd, Natalie was dedicated at church. It was a special day for all of us as my parents are in town for Christmas and Kevin's family was also able to witness the event. She had a melt-down before we left for church and right after the dedication, but she was as good as gold during the event... great job, Kid!

Natalie is growing up quicker than ever. Looking at pictures of her from the last time my parents were here I realize how little she used to be. Even though she's still little, she's developing right along. Here's a picture of her standing - just using me for balance.

I know next Christmas will be a completely different experience. For starters, the lower half of the Christmas trees will be bare. =)

Kevin and I feel so blessed to be surrounded by family this Christmas. We alternate Thanksgiving and Christmas with each set of parents and instead of going to KC this year for Christmas, my parents and sister offered to come here - so nice! We've had a good time seeking out fried pickles and french onion soup, making shrimp and scallop tortellini, shopping, making Christmas cookies and looking at Christmas lights. I love this time of year!!!


pipsylou said...

How she has CHANGED! Rejoicing with you that this Christmas is such a joyful one! I love you Lauren!

MrsBurly said...

Oh Lauren, Natalie looks so adorable! And I love the pic of the entire family, what a great time of year - to celebrate Christmas with family!
Merry Christmas to you guys! I so look forward to Reese & Natalie meeting someday soon.

Beth said...

Cute pictures of Natalie and the family. I hope you all had a great first Christmas with her. Sorry we missed you at Thanksgiving but I understand you didn't have much time and things take longer and make you more tired out with a little one!